Beka Garris

Garris_1From the very beginning, me becoming a hardcore huntress didn’t really look positive. I was born and raised in Northern NJ, a handicap in itself when it comes to awesome hunting. On top of that, my mother wasn’t exactly fond of the idea that her daughter should slip into some oversized camo and go traipsing around the woods with her dad. Thankfully, my dad won that argument…and a huntress evolved.

My name is Beka, and I am 25 years old. I started officially hunting at age ten, but was toted around the woods with my father at a much earlier age. I was taught to safely and accurately shoot both guns and bows, to field dress and butcher everything I shot. The fact that I was indeed “A Girl” but could do anything my brothers could (except better) was repeated to me like a mantra by my father.

The funny thing is, neither of my parents expected me to take hunting quite so seriously. No, I have never hunted out of the country…I haven’t been able to afford alot of expensive hunts, or take record book animals. What I have been able to do, is to chase my passion all over the country side, and to show others what hunting really does mean to me.

At the age of 18, I created a facebook page and launched myself into the wonderful world of the Hunting Industry. It took me awhile to find my niche…and once I found it I just went with the flow. I never thought so many people would be interested in following a Miss Nobody as she hunted her way across the country. Most of my hunts were public land…many were DIY…99% of the hunts were solo. Hunting alone is something I am extremely passionate about, no matter the species I hunt. Many women are brought up depending on a man…I want to break free from that and show women that they don’t necessarily need a man to go hunting, field dress their animals, or drag them out. I started getting contacted by hunting companies wanting me to pro-staff, give reviews, interview me, publish my articles, and feature my photos in magazines and on posters. In 2011 I won the very first Miss NJ Huntress USA.

At age 23 I accepted a job offer in the backwoods of Kentucky, a guiding job for whitetail hunts. Many people thought I was crazy as there are not many woman guides. I merely looked at is as an adventure, and a challenge. It was certainly an experience I will never forget. Mostly good, some bad. Not everyone wanted to take me seriously at first, but I did prove myself to everyone there. One of the highlights of the whole experience was guiding both a youth hunt, and a women’s hunt. I was assigned to guide a 5 year old and had the honor of being there when he took his first deer, something I will always remember. Since then I have gone out of my way to help anyone wanting to learn more about hunting and the outdoors. I recently took several classes and am now a certified Hunters Education Instructor and Whitetail Deer Instructor.

My next break was landing my current job, working for a bowstring company in Ohio. Not only do I get to do something I love, but I was put right in the middle of the archery industry. Contrary to some peoples beliefs, I do not care about becoming famous. Hunting is my passion, fame is not. What I would like to become is a role model for young women and new hunters. I shoot does, and management bucks. I hunt every day I can. I abide by the laws and strongly believe in the ethics of hunting. I love to cook and eat the game I harvest.

The hunting industry is no longer a man’s world. I plan to portray women hunters across the world as strong and independent. It’s ok to be a girl, yet be tough. 



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