Nanoose Bay, British Columbia, Canada

shannon_lansdowne2Am I the world’s most extreme huntress?

I know I am a female hunter, hunting guide, Outfitters Daughter, an outdoors woman, a conservationist, an advocate for all hunters, and a mentor to our next generation of hunters and guides. In our industry today there are many strong, knowledgeable, experienced women all of which provide a contribution to our way of life and our right to hunt, so what makes me stand out from many extreme women. To me being extreme isn’t only about the number of days in the field or how far you have travelled to hunt.

I am a provider. I am a provider of wild, organic, healthy meat. As a woman there is no greater accomplishment to be independent and able to hunt and provide for my family, to step out of the mold of a “wife” or “homemaker” and hold the self-confidence to break out of the stereo type and expand the mold for the next generation of what a wife or mother is. I am a woman who can do it herself without the guidance or assistance from a male. This is knowledge I pass onto my children and our next generation of hunters; teaching them game preparation, outdoor skills and how to continue as conservationists.

I am a hunter. I hold a passion to be in the outdoors; I sit silent for hours with the anticipation of pulling the trigger and harvesting an animal. To hike the mountains for miles with the hope I will soon spot movement or hear the crack of a branch. Hunting to me is not only about the harvest, it is about time spent in the wilderness, developing serenity, learning patience and defeat.

I am a Guide; “a person who advises or shows the way to others.” Growing up as an outfitters daughter on the Central Coast of British Columbia I started getting my hands dirty around the same time I started walking. My hunting and guiding skills were derived from my younger years of paying close attention to my father, our guides and many hunters. I learnt gun handling and field dressing around the same time I learnt how to read. To me hunting and guiding is second nature, it is who I am and where I hold the most knowledge and confidence.

I am an advocate for hunters all around the world; a personal goal of mine is to provide uninformed people the tools, resources and accurate information to help them make an informed decision on hunting and the consumption of wild game. Unfortunately, the majority of youth today are becoming more removed from our heritage as hunters and are becoming more reliant on the way of today’s world of electronics. If each mother can encourage their children to get outdoors and experience hunting then I personally feel we are raising our children right and teaching them the fundamentals they need to develop into well-rounded, informed adults. As a result we are continuing a family tradition and building the next generation of hunters and conservationists.

I don’t believe being an extreme huntress is based on your trophy room or the years of experience you hold in the field, I believe what makes you extreme is the level of passion you hold, the dedication to the industry and your actions to help build our next generation of Hunters.

This is why I feel I am an Extreme Huntress.

Please list all accomplishments of merit, special awards, various organizations that you’re currently or have been involved with, and related activities in the field of hunting. Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia – Past Member as Bella Coola Outfitting Company //BC Hunting Guide Certification #115 //Assistant Hunting Guide 2002- 2010 //Angling Guide License //Pure Salmon – Campaign organized to help educate people on the effects of Farmed Salmon on our natural wild stocks //Restricted and Non Restricted Firearms Licence//BC Hunter Education Course //Participated in a Remington TV Elk Hunt in Montana with Dan Harrison 2014 //Early stages of developing a Mentor program for young women interested in guiding. //Attended various Hunting and Outdoor Shows – Safari Club International, Wild Sheep Foundation, Sportsman Show, Outdoor Adventure Show – Vancouver, BC //GOABC Annual Conventions
Applying for Manitoba Guide License

shannon_landsdowne1To gain a better understanding of your hunting experience, please provide us with details on what you’ve hunted and where you’ve been (whether you were successful or not). All hunts have taken place in BC majority on the Cariboo Chilcotin Central Coast . Hunts in which I was the Guide for our guests: Grizzly Bear 2002-2006 – Bella Coola BC / Black Bear 2002-2006 & 2010 – Bella Coola BC and Tatla Lake BC /Mountain Goat 2002-2004 Bella Coola BC /Wolf 2002-2006 & 2010 Bella Coola BC and Tatla Lake BC /Hunts in which I have personal hunted the game. /Mule Deer Annually Fall 2004-2014 – not successful to date /White Tail Deer Annually Fall 2004-2014 not successful to date/Columbia Black Tail Deer – Fall 2014 not successful to date/Moose Annually since 2004 – 2014 – Successful – 2006 Spike Bull using 7mm in Chetwynd BC, 2013 40 ” Bull using Browning .300 Ultra Mag in 100 Mile House BC , 2014 53″ bull using .270 Kimber Montana in Dease Lake, BC /Montana Elk 2014 – Not successful /Mountain Goat 2014 using .280 Kimber Montana in Toad River BC.
Upcoming Hunts : Spring 2015 /Black Bear – Bella Coola BC/Wolf – Bella Coola BC/Black Bear – Tatla Lake BC – Guiding /Wolf – Tatla Lake BC – Guiding /Upcoming Hunts Fall 2015 /Moose – BC – Personal /Moose – Manitoba Guiding

Shannon Lansdowne

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