East Helena, Montana USA

taylor_reisbeck01 The anticipation of what will rear its head through the woods into my sights, the still, crisp air piercing my lungs, as my breath gets quieter awaiting the elk. This is what keeps me going, the love of the great outdoors, living in Helena Montana and coming from a family of hunters I was born and bred to hunt. I was taught to thank the lord for what he has provided my family and myself after every hunt. Montana has given me mountains to roam. Growing up in a family of hunters has not only allowed my family to pass down their techniques, favorite places, but also the ethics of hunting. To me hunting isn’t just about harvesting an animal; it’s also about being an advocate for proper harvesting as well as conservation.

In 2010, my dad was suffering from Kidney Failure, he was too sick to physically hunt but still wanted to come so he waited in the truck, as it was now my job to step us as the oldest and help my brother whom had shot a buck. We had to track the blood trail through dense forest and rocky terrain, it had fallen off a cliff and as we scaled down the terrain it dawned on me that this was forever flowing through my blood, this was the excitement and passion I lived for. When we arrived at the animal I showed my brother how I gut an animal then proceeded to pack the lifeless buck back up the same terrain we just scaled down. It’s moments like this that made my love for the outdoors even stronger.

I have been blessed to harvest many native Montana animals, not only do I patiently wait to pull the trigger, I am an avid fisherman and bow-hunter, having this drive keeps me active and outdoors. My boyfriend has introduced me to another addiction, shed hunting, which requires its own technique, and allows me to explore the mountains and tracking in a sense. It takes a lot of confidence and perseverance to hike for days looking for distinct lines or tines.

I feel I should be the next Extreme Huntress because of my passion, drive, desire, and knowledge. There is nothing better than backpacking into the backcountry, sleeping in a tent listening to the predators around me. Hiking through knee high snow only to come across a dead cow elk tangled in a fence and finding fresh bear tracks near it that are 15” in diameter. I have blood, sweat, and tears that comes with my dedication. I will spend hours driving just to hike a couple more hours just to find the spot that I feel, in my gut, that I will be able to harvest an elk. No matter rain or shine, whether I am sick or haven’t slept because I just got off work, my love for the outdoors and hunting is priority, it has been for as long as I can remember and will remain to be for all of time. This love drives me to believe I should be the next Extreme Huntress.

Please list all accomplishments of merit, special awards, various organizations that you’re currently or have been involved with, and related activities in the field of hunting. I am a proud supporter of Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, TruWest Outdoors, Prima Outdoors, and Women’s Mule Deer Foundation.

taylor_reisbeck02To gain a better understanding of your hunting experience, please provide us with details on what you’ve hunted and where you’ve been (whether you were successful or not). I have hunted Elk (Bull, and Cow), Whitetail, Mule Deer, Antelope, Bear, Turkey, Coyotes, Wolves, Upland Birds, and Migratory Birds. I have been successful with two bull elk; five point and six point (Southern MT), two whitetail bucks (Eastern MT, and Central MT), two mule deer bucks (Eastern MT, and Central MT), one antelope buck (North-East MT). I have killed coyotes, upland birds, and migratory birds all throughout the state of Montana. I have yet to be successful on a Wolf, Turkey, and Bear.

Taylor Reisbeck

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