Bailey Taylor – Colorado

[title_block]Bailey Taylor – Colorado[/title_block]

I believe that I am a hardcore huntress because I believe that hunting is more than just taking an animal home o feed your family. It is about creating memories to last long after loved one are gone.It is about conservation and helping create a thriving in environment. I love outdoors and try to spend every waking moment out there. I believe that being hardcore means that you are knowledge about the hunting world but also that hunting is what bring you pure joy. My first big animal was a 450 pound black bear from Saskatchewan, Canada. For that hunt I drove 19 hours, I sat in the rain for 4 days and loved all the lessons it taught me. That hunt for me proved that I was a strong, independent young women.

List of accomplishments of merit, special awards and organizations involved with:
I have won many archery competitions through the Colorado Bowhunters, I have also spent time at Outdoor Lab teaching sixth graders how to shoot archery. I am currently working with the head of Colorado Bowhunters in ways to be more involved in out shoots and helping with the community. IN the fall of 2018 I plan to attend college to get a degree in Wildlife Biology and conservation. I believe with that knowledge I can help change and improve the hunting community.