Ulrika Karlsson-Arne – Sweden

[title_block]Ulrika Karlsson-Arne – Sweden[/title_block]

Hardcore but also conscious! My passion is the outdoors, to explore nature, forest and of course go hunting. I hunt 2-3 times per week year round. Love to know where my food comes from. I make the most out of my life and I´m always positive. I´ve been hunting for 18 years but only the last three years this much. I quit my job as a producer at Swedish Television and are now freelance, film and content in hunting business. But nowdays more of an influencer with sponsors like Sauer and Swarovski Optik. My whole life is on Instagram @swedishvenatrix – I´m a proud hunter and to me a success isnt always a game with me back home (but I for sure love to pull that trigger)… success can be helping next generation, a nice day by the fire, meeting friends and se new places. And being mentally strong makes you achive what others say you can´t do. Makes med wanna try harder and go further. Of course I want to win and of course I´m gonna give you something extra in that Extreme Huntress-show! I mostly hunt in Sweden but I have also been to Alaska, England and the Alps in Austria. Love the mountains, love the challenge of hard work before you find the animals. Cause life is right here right now and it´s up to you what you wanna do with it. While others think about it I´m on my way out stalking, killing something
List of accomplishments of merit, special awards and organizations involved with:
Worked on free basis with the Swedish Hunting assosiation for more than 10 years. Helped new hunters and women. Got a silver medal for that. Been guiding school kids in “nature school” on wild hiking. I´m writing content for Fjällräven right now. Also working as a freelance producer with bearplay.se – live broadcasting hunting-tv called Jaktstudion. I often visit Hunting Fairs and store events and talk about my hunting life. I´m sponsored by Sauer, Swarovski Optik, Polyver boots and Norma Precision and collaborates with Volkswagen, Aimsport and Fjällräven. Last weekend I was invited (one of 30 from around the world) to a workshop and summit with Swarovski optik, Sauer and RWS in Croatia, we tested long range shooting and talked about future and social medias, it was awesome. I´m known as a conscious hunter, inspiring others, but I also stand up for our rights and I´m proud, and with my age comes more “there´s nothing to lose” – do what ever you can with what you have!